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20 Jul 2010 06:16 am


I am SO sorry. We've done so much in the past year. We've moved a bunch of times and Adian (our daughter) is now almost 2!

So I've been wanting to start up the comic again for a while now. We've come up with a few scripts so I'm hoping for every monday and friday updates. <crosses fingers>

Hope to see you guys around!

Matt and Jenn

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21 Mar 2009 03:46 pm

Chronicle Reset

This comic came to mind awhile ago. With the reset on it's way we decided to make it a little different. You see Sly always gets the upper hand but we had never really gone into what bob was coming to the table with, cause it didn't matter. So in this one we thought we would let Bob show off his stuff. This is not meant to make fun of the chronicle reset in any way but instead with all the drama and complaining to make light of it and to let people know it is not that bad.

We hope you enjoy

Matt and Jenn

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21 Mar 2009 12:23 pm

Newest Comic.

I've put two comics up. They originally were supposed to be about a week apart in the upload but internet issues delayed me from being able to upload the "Luminarians - Not just for special effects anymore" comic a week before the "Concept AND Kickass" but instead it was only a couple of days before.

I've also redone the second comic "I mean...come on...seriously?!!?" so please check it out.

Hope you enjoy!

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06 Mar 2009 04:06 am

Redoing comics.

If you compare my newest to the older ones hoo boy they look different. My style has changed so much that I am redoing the older comics.

I have finished the first one so go check it out. :D

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01 Mar 2009 12:57 am

Long time no post.

Everytime I promise I will do comics I fail, so I'm just going to say I'm sorry and LOOK two comics! Woo right?

We will keep putting them out and I will keep announcing them on our myspace.

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16 Sep 2008 06:56 pm

And a new ones up!

So the new one is the first in a series of "The Misadventures of Carlo Gialloti." I've heard so many stories, not just from Matt, about Carlo that I figured even though they're older they can still be used.

I hope you enjoy it. :D

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04 Sep 2008 01:53 am

Holy crap everything always happens at once.

Jenn: oh man aren't I just a predicter. So about two days after I posted the last news item, we lost internet access except through Matt's work phone. It just came back today. Sorry guys. D;

Anywho, new comic that was inspired by meeting Greg and Liz Dean of Real Life Comics. (like I needed to link it. :P) I have to say that hanging out with them was definitely the highlight of my week.

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13 Aug 2008 06:18 am

Woo got it all moved over.

So we moved everything from Drunkduck to here because this website is just so much easier to manage and customize. We're leaving the drunkduck one up but this one is the one that will be updated.

Jenn: I plan on drawing a new comic soon, but every time I say that I feel like something always comes up.

This last time I was all ready to make a comic, I get out of the computer room to help with dinner and my sister broke her arm, but I will try my hardest to have one up later today.

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